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Commercial Architectural Photography

These properties consist of a variety of commercial architecture. There are office buildings, schools, universities, hospitals and other medical facilities; restaurants, sports and entertainment venues. The range of clients we have to hire us varies as well: Architects, developers, general contractors, other types of contractors, engineers, and interior designers.

Commercial Photography Projects

Nature’s AZ Dispensary

Clients: Loewen Design Group,  Sigma Contracting & Nature’s AZ Medicines, Inc.

Location: Fountain Hills, Arizona

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Marijuana Dispensary” usually isn’t architectural photography.  These interiors were super fun to shoot!

VA Healthcare Parking

Client: Cuningham Group

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Cuningham Group’s commercial architecture is a pleasure to photograph.  Their talents make our job easy.  Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona, is their beautiful VA Healthcare Parking structure.