Knoell Quidort Architects

Client: Knoell Quidort Architects

Location: Tempe, Arizona

Hugh Knoell is a an amazing Architect.  His residential architecture is as beautiful and his commercial work.  It is always such a delight to be in such a space; strong, clean lines with outstanding views everywhere you look. Knoell Quidort’s attention to detail is relentless.

Davis Residence – Flagstaff

Client: Davis Architects

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

The best part of this shoot was staying the weekend in the house.  What gorgeous architecture.  Even though this was a personal project for Mike Davis, it demonstrates that his residential work is as amazing as his commercial work!

Tempe Lofts

Client: Warner Group Architects

Location: Tempe, Arizona

There’s nothing but good, clean architecture here.  We always enjoy shooting this type of project. The lighting and design make our job easy!

Stark Residence

Client: Starion Custom Residences

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

We love it when we get an opportunity to shoot one-of-a-kind, custom residential architecture. Starion Custom Residences and interior design firm One Posh Place created this amazing space. Why was it so fun?  This beautiful home belongs to the owners of Starion (and their two adorable dogs).

Portland Place

Client: Davis Architects

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

One of our favorite all-time clients, Davis Architects, designed this residential project a number of years ago.  Their projects are always beautiful and usually end up in our portfolio.  Their work stands the test of time and makes our job a pleasure!

Greaves Residence

Client: Shiloh Custom Homes

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

This motor court shot was captured just minutes before a storm hit the location.  We scrambled for the last hour trying to make sure we got a great image.  Luckily the oncoming storm afforded us a an even more exciting sky than we first anticipated.


Humphreys & Partners Architects

Client: Humphreys & Partners Architects

Location: The District on 4th – Tucson, Arizona

We shot this amazing residential student housing project as well as The District on Apache in Tempe, Arizona. It was great fun seeing all the students enjoy the new housing project.

Chaparral Pines

Client: Cox-James Architects

Location: Chaparral Pines, Payson, AZ

Pre-digital film shot. We set up the camera at night to capture the interior of the building and the pool. Since this was film and we were doing a multiple exposure, we hired a security guard to sleep next to the camera overnight. We returned the following morning to finish it.

High-End Condo

Client: Davis Architects / McCarthy Construction

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

This shot was on the 21st floor of the building and the view was amazing.