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Lifestyle Photography

Just like most hotel and resort lifestyle photography, our pictures are focused on people in beautiful places. Our work depicts families and/or couples on vacation, enjoying their surroundings. Romantic settings usually frame our lifestyle photography; with either the location highlighted or placed subtlety in the background. This all depends on our clients needs, and with all of our work, we approach it accordingly. We have photographed lifestyle for homebuilders and developers as well as hotels, resorts and vacation clubs/management companies.

Lifestyle Photography Projects

Sea Island Resort

Client: Sea Island Resort

Location: Sea Island Resort, Sea Island, GA

Another adorable and camera-ready guest is featured here.  This mom and her son were staying at the resort, they were not paid talent.  This little boy and his elusive “catch” made for a great shot.  Sometimes the best shots are the unexpected shots.

El Chorro

Client: El Chorro Restaurant

Location: Paradise Valley, Arizona

What an amazing remodel El Chorro completed!  Even though this is a few years old, we still love sharing them. From shooting the beginning stages of the construction, the finished architectural shots, the food and the lifestyle shots of their guests, this was an awesome experience. This Arizona destination dining spot is as magical as ever.