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With over 30 years as an architectural photographer, A.F. Payne Photographic knows the relationship between an object and its surrounding environment is critical to realizing the highest potential of any architectural photograph. From our home base in Phoenix, Arizona we have traveled the world to capture stunning architectural photographs in breathtaking surroundings. The results reveal the art of architectural photography in a brand new light.

The drama of architecture is found in the details—from eye-catching interior finishes to the blending of an exterior into the surrounding landscape.

Resort Photography

Arizona is home to some of the world's premier resorts and hotels. Many of them are A.F. Payne Photographic clients.

Lifestyle Photography

Experience an emotional interaction with the imagery that features people as approachable as they are unique.

Before and After

Do you see your subject as we see it? Review these dramatic examples that demonstrate how can help you realize your true visual potential.